SUBMISSION: The deadline for the abstract paper is due on March, 15th, 2021.


Preparations for submission

  • First:  Prepare your one-page abstract using our template. The length limit for 1-page ABSTRACT is one page including text, figures, and references.
  • Second: You MUST convert it to pdf with the IEEE PDF eXpress site, using the 50926X conference ID.

    Once you have uploaded your abstract to IEEE PDF eXpress, you will receive an email with a  compliant PDF file of your abstract attached.

      DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME, as this contains your abstract ID necessary for sorting and publishing processes.


1. We are proud to have technical co-sponsorship from the IEEE. As such the IEEE provides archiving of the accepted papers and publication in the IEEE Journal of Terahertz Technology. However this means that submission requires an IEEE account. If you do not yet have an IEEE account, you will need to create one. This is a free account and used only for administration of submitted abstracts and accepted papers.

2. The IEEE converted pdf you receive by email will have a paper ID filename, for example: 2021010962.pdf.

3. This filename is critical for timely proceedings publication and must not be altered.  However you may append to this base file name, for example: 2021010962_KenButton.pdf.

4. We do not provide LaTeX templates as this generates technical issues with the IEEE process. If you nevertheless decide to use LaTeX, you must first convert your LaTeX file to a pdf file and then submit that pdf file to the IEEE PDF eXpress site at the link above to ensure IEEE compliance with your submission.