This year’s conference takes place in Chengdu, China, from Sunday, Aug. 29 – Friday, Sep. 3, 2021. Due to the uncertainty of COVID 19, we will be holding a hybrid event with both remote web-based talks, seminars, and webinars, as well as an in-person conference for those who can attend. 

      We aim to provide the best experience for you all to participate online wherever you are. This time we will use Whova (With Zoom Meeting embedded) as the main platform to deliver all types of presentations. For sponsors/exhibitors who wish to better promote their business, Whova allows you to live-stream with all targeted customers in a more diversified way.

1.Sponsorship Items:

2.Sponsorship details:

(1) Free Whova Subscriber-Onlyfeature: Exhibitor Center:

What’s different on Whova Exhibitor Center

  • Customized: Exhibitors can manage their accounts by clicking the registration link (sent by e-mail), and prepare display materials in advance: supporting logo, slogan, company description, website URL, address, telephone number, on-site product demonstration, product video, handouts (up to 2 handouts, file size no more than 10 MB), booth staff, 24-hour online chat, etc;
  • Fast:The exhibition has various forms and rich contents. You can communicate face-to-face with global participants without even leaving home to achieve effective real-time interaction;
  • Easy to use:Whova provides Android / IOS system app and web client. Users can view and manage pages at any time on mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices.

For more details, please visit: https://whova.com/pages/whova-app-exhibitor-guide/

(2)Exhibitor Logos and URLs display on Conference Official Website:https://irmmw-thz2021.org/

(3)Exhibitor Logos and URLs display on Conference Registration Channel:    https://thz2021.scimeeting.cn/en/user/login/11024