Online Conference

INFORMATION for Participation



PLENARY TALK-45 min. (40 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion)

KEYNOTES COMMUNICATION-30 min. (25 min. presentation + 5 min.discussion)

ORAL COMMUNICATION-15 min. (12 min. presentation + 3 min.discussion)

  • Presenters should be present at ZOOM Meeting room 10 minutesbefore the start of the session and inform the Session Chair of their arrival through the chat window.
  • Presenters test the internet, voice and video in advance. We strongly recommend the External Microphone for a better experience.
  • Presenters will be presenting their work through “Screen share”of their slides.


  • Presenters MUST improve the poster display content through exclusive editing links (Including the Cover, PDF file, introduction.) The link will be sent to the submitter mailbox of the Shocklogic system (please check the spam box)
  • Please do respond in prompt when questions have been raised.
  • Enter the poster session and communicate with audiences (20:00-22:00 PM GMT+8 Beijing time per night). Enter your assigned Breakout Room10 minutes before the start (e.g: “MO-1” “TH-86”)
  • Choose “Screen share”to better present your work.
  • LOC staff will check the attendance of all poster presenters.


  • Session Chairs should be present at ZOOM Meeting room 10 minutes before the start of the session, and inform LOC staff of your arrival before the “Co-Host” has been authorized to you.
  • If a speaker is not present, the missing talk should be filled by moving forward the remaining talks in the session.
  • Session Chairs will be receiving the bios of all presenters in advance, please do check the attendance of all presenters and give feedback to LOC staff when the session ends.
  • Session Chairs are welcome to communicate with LOC through Whova “Messages”(In avoidance of emails spammed).


  • Please click “Mute”when you enter ZOOM Meeting room to keep the session from disorder.
  • Please click “Raise hand”when it turns to the Q&As. The Session Chair will request to “Unmute” for you if you have been chosen.
  • We strongly encourage and recommend you all communicate through Whova for a better experience.

Online Conference Entrance

  1. For the first visit, please click “Sign up”. (provided that you have received the invitation letter from the whova conference platform)

2. If you want to participate for free (No abstract), please contact:

If you have any other problems/questions  when using the platform, please refer to the following Guides:

1、Whova Attendee User Guide
2、Whova Speaker Guide
3、Whova Exhibitor Guide
4、Frequently Asked Questions

Online Conference FAQs

1.How will the Online Conference be carried out?

– We will use Whova combining with ZOOM Meeting as our online platform this year. Specifically, ZOOM Meeting will be used as a component of Whova Conference Platform for you to participate in the conference, and you do not even need to install and register for ZOOM. 

-Whova will also provide Poster Center, Exhibitor Center, Topic Forum, Messages, and various functions, hoping to give you a better, richer, and more interesting participation experience. 

-Whova supports desktop/laptop, IOS, and Android systems. However, we would strongly recommend you use your ‘Desktop/Laptop’.


2. How/When can we have access to Whova?

– After you complete the online registration (with attendee info correctly recorded), we will import it to the Whova system, before you could finally access it. On August 20, 2021, we will be sending all registered attendees the invitation link to Whova (please do check the junk box). By following the instructions step by step, your exclusive access to Whova will be finally activated.

3. I am a poster presenter. How can I upload my poster information?

– After you are done with all your online registration processes, you (the shocklogic system submitter) will be receiving the “exclusive link for poster editing” on August 20, 2021 (Please check the junk box as well). 

-You can easily and freely edit the content of your poster page through this link at any time.

4. Are there any requirements for oral/poster presenters?

– Detailed requirements will be explained in the email sent on August 20, 2021, and posted on the official website of the conference. Please do follow up with our website for any updates!