Registration Fee

Attendee (Mainland China):  ¥ 500 CNY    

Attendee (Other Country/Region):  $ 90 USD

Attendee (Without abstract):  Free 

Registration(Payment) deadline: August 16, 2021 


1.You need to complete the payment for registration fee before August 16, 2021. Otherwise, you may experience signficant delays in your access to the conference sessions.

Feel free to if you have any questions.

2.FAQs in the registration form:

(1)Q: When should I upload my poster image?

A: [Updated on August 11, 2021]

There is no need for Poster presenters to upload poster photos to the registration channel anymore. We will send the Whova poster editing link by email (check the junk box as well) on 2021.8.20. Here, you can easily manage your poster display content at any time.

(2)Q: What is the recording permission?

A: As this year’s conference is a hybrid of online and offline, to ensure international participants will not be affected by time lag and other uncontrollable factors, and better carry out international academic communications, please choose whether you are allowed to record your presentation. The video will be for internal uses only and viewers’ information will be strictly recorded. We will remove all these videos within 48hrs after the conference.

(3)Q: How to check my abstract ID?

A: Please make sure to fill in your abstract ID correctly (7-digit number starting with “5“), otherwise you may fail to complete your registration. For other participants, please fill in “No

(4)Q: Can I pay by credit card(VISA)?

A:PayPal supports credit card(VISA) checkout, but you must create a PayPal account and bind your credit card to make the payment. You can unbind your credit card in PayPal at any time once you have fulfilled the payment.


(5)Q: Besides PayPal, are there any other payment methods?

A:According to our participants’ feedback, we have added the payment method of Bank Telegraphic Transfer(TT)  in the conference registration system.

If you choose Bank Telegraphic Transfer(TT), please note your Full Name and Organization when you make a bank transfer.

If you do not have a note“Full Name and Organization” when you make a transfer, we will not be able to verify whether you have completed the registration and payment.

When you have completed the transfer, please let us know by contact us if you need an invoice). Then, we will change your registration fee payment status.

(6)Q: I have more than one accepted paper/talk. How to pay the registration fee?

A:If you are the first author or presenting author for all these papers, you only need to pay once.


1、请选择 注册通道”Registration channel for attendee(Mainland China)“,否则我们将无法为您提供电子发票;





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