Technical Program


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Plenary Speakers


Berhanu Bulcha, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

“Submillimeter Solar Observation Lunar Volatiles Experiment (SSOLVE) Optics And Front-end Spectrometer”

Tiejun Cui, Southeast University

“Information Metamaterials and Information Systems”

Lei Ding, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences

“Interferometric Infrared Sounder Technology Based on Satellite Platform: Towards the Era of Real-time Detection of Atmospheric Characteristics”

 Giacomo Scalari

ETH Zurich

Jérôme Faist

ETH Zurich


“High temperature Quantum Cascade Lasers and detectors in the Terahertz”



Paul Goldsmith, NASA

“How 50 Years Of Technology Development Has Transformed Millimeter-THz Astronomical Spectroscopy”

Heinrich Laqua, IPP Greifswald, Germany

“The ECRH System at W7-X: Status, Results and Perspectives”

Daniel Mittleman, Brown University

”Physical-layer security in terahertz wireless links“

Keith Nelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

“THz-induced nonlinear responses monitored in THz through x-ray spectral ranges”




Masayoshi Tonouchi, Osaka University

“Laser Terahertz Emission Microscope as a Killer Tool”

Liangliang Zhang, Capital Normal University

“Role of Liquid Water in Terahertz Radiation and Application”